Coloring For Reducing Social Anxiety

Although it may sound like another 'fad,' adult coloring books can help improve a person's mental, physical, as well as emotional health. More and more people, as well as therapists, are turning to these books for stress relief, fun, and therapy. Before you brush the idea off your mind, take some time to see what researchers are saying about these books and the effect they have.

1Helps Self-Soothe And Trains Your Brain

The first step to managing stress comes with knowing how to control the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal system, commonly known as the stress activation system. According to research, individuals who can influence how their bodies react or deal with stress have a higher coping mechanism and resilience as compared to those that don't. Learning how to soothe yourself after a traumatic experience comes in handy in coping with stress and depression. Coloring has proven to help relieve pressure from your brain, hence recommended for adults.

While coloring books do help release stress during tough times, they also put some amount of strain on your brain. This is because you have to focus while drawing or coloring, which again opens up the brain, making you more efficient, strong, and logical. According to research, coloring is healthy for your brain as it helps open up the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for problem-solving and organizing capabilities.

2Make New Friends, Reduce Social Anxiety

Coloring books are slowly gaining popularity today. One of the best things with coloring is that you can make new friends while on the quest. Many people/adults joining the coloring club are forming local groups in cities and neighborhoods where they share ideas and experiences. Even the most avid colorists take part in this, which provides a great way to learn and manage stress.

Coloring doesn't have to be a singular activity; coloring clubs have made it possible for you to interact with other members of society. Commonly considered a hobby, many people, particularly those suffering from social anxiety, take part in coloring as a way to relieve stress. Joining a coloring group makes it easier to interact with other members of the group without the pressures that come with other social gatherings.

3An Easy Way To Relax And Have Fun

For some, coloring is a childish activity. As childish as it may seem, coloring makes your life a lot more fun than simply focusing on the serious stuff. Coloring makes it possible to have a 'me' time, which you can use for self-evaluation as well as increase self-esteem.

According to a study published in 2012, coloring helps increase a person's motivation and confidence by up to 80%. This is because it helps one realize who he/she is as well as encourage positive self-representation. Drawing and coloring increase positive involvement with the community at large.

4Walk The Middle Road For A While

Life today is a lot more stressful and competitive than it was a few hundred years ago. This isn't, however, the case with coloring. Coloring is an enjoyable, low-pressure activity with no wins or losses.

In other words, coloring takes the 'middle road' between winning and losing. It, therefore, frees you from the pressures you might be experiencing. Coloring is cathartic and therapeutic in a way.

5Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Researchers have also been able to link coloring with the relaxation of the amygdala. This is the section of the brain responsible for getting scared or stressed. As mentioned earlier, coloring activates unused parts of the brain, thus promoting creativity and improved cognitive functions.

Coloring helps reduce anxiety as well. There have been numerous studies that show coloring as therapeutic and inducing a sense of relaxation. This comes particularly in handy for individuals suffering from depression and PTSD.

6Replaces Patterns Of Negative Thinking

Life, as we know it, is filled with hustles and bustles, which make it easy for one to get distracted. The expectations and responsibilities one may have might also force one to the edge, making it seem miserable. Coloring, however, takes all these pressures away and lets your brain relax in readiness for the next day.

If you're worried about your family, future, health, or financial status, you can then take advantage of coloring books to boost your focus. It is as you color that the brain meanders away from stressing issues and most pressing issues that affect your life and health negatively. Replacing these thoughts with positive energies while you color makes it easier to deal with some of these stressors head on.

7Exercise The Mind

Coloring is known to improve logic and creativity. Although you might not know this, coloring brings you a whole world of possibilities and challenges that the brain can conquer easily. All you need to do is focus on the task at hand, then take one step at a time. By the end of it all, your creative self will be much better than you were initially. Coloring is advantageous as it promotes coordination and motor skills needed in everyday life situations.

As you will soon notice, coloring makes it easier for the brain to learn color patterns and how to use these as well. Choosing the color and where to use it is initiated by the creative part of the brain. This continues to grow as you take more coloring activities. This is particularly good for both sides of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for coordination.

From the facts outlined above, it is evident that adult coloring books are beneficial for all. These books provide an opportunity to connect with your inner artist as well as help fight anxiety and stress. Grab yours today.

Jean Martin

Jean Martin, a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, works in a pharmacy. After hearing about her roommate's struggles coping with stress, she sought a solution and decided to give coloring books a try. It was a success and gave birth to this website!